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April Monthly Discussion: Tackling Gender Gaps and Ensuring Violence Prevention

When: Monday, April 9, 2018 (Today!), 6-7:30pm

Where: 4-145

Dinner provided for attendees!

SpeakersKelley Adams, Assistant Dean and Director, Violence Prevention and Response (VPR), Division of Student Life, and Mark Goldman, Chemical Engineering, PhD Candidate, campus advocate & GRT



In recognition of MIT's Sexual Assault Awareness Month this April, the topic for this week's monthly discussion will be centered around the understanding of and suggesting recommendations towards closing gender gaps in STEM. While this is a broad topic, gender gaps continue to be a persistent issue both at MIT and globally. The meeting will be an interactive dialogue, allowing participants to learn from two advocates for violence prevention/response on campus, as well as engage in discussion on topics such as the evolving roles of women in science, gender-based attrition in STEM, wage gaps, and more. It will also highlight the role of governance and institutions in promoting both more transparency and gender-responsive environments for all. 


While this has been a long-standing discussion, it requires continuous effort to maintain progress and innovative approaches to ensure no one is left behind. The topic has historically and recently been highlighted both at MIT and in global policy discourse.