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March Monthly Meeting: "Rapid Technological Change: Implications & Risks"

Monday, March 5, 2018

6:00–7:30 pm



Rapid Technological Change: Implications & Risks


Dinner provided for attendees!


Technological has been a common feature across time. However, the fast pace of technological change in recent years is having broad impact on the economy, society and environment. Science policy has a central to address the uncertainty and risks with the implications of these technological changes. Technological change is not neutral and that in the short term it may create winners and losers - institutional pressures, policy decisions, and social behaviors influence both the speed and direction of this change. Such effects are not unique to some countries, rather influencing everyone in an increasingly globalized world.


Given the recent announcement on the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future and MIT Intelligence Quest this past week, we want to use this month's meeting to think critically about the implications of rapid technological change, with a focus on identifying knowledge gaps, suggesting tangible policy solutions, and using the group's collective wisdom to come up with recommendations. This touches upon issues of technology justice, values, equity, and more. The meeting will be uniquely designed to engage YOU in the discussion through a work-group activity that will tackle some of the following questions. Suggestions provided will be synthesized in a document shared as inputs into the UN Science, Technology & Innovation Forum - here!

  • How are emerging technologies transforming the nature of human work and the set of skills that enable humans to thrive in the digital economy?
  • How can we shape and catalyze technological innovation to complement and augment human potential?
  • How can our civic institutions ensure that the gains from these emerging innovations contribute to equality of opportunity, social inclusion, and shared prosperity?
  • What are strategies for assessing potential risks, build capacity to evaluate and mitigate identified risks, and developing policy tools to proactively counteract future problems?
  • How can we increase mutual trust between the scientific community, policymakers, and members of the public?

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