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December Monthly Meeting: "Building Resilience: Early-Warning Systems & Disaster Preparedness"

Building Resilience: Early-Warning Systems & Disaster Preparedness

Monday, December 4, 2017

6:00–7:30 pm

Room: 66-144

Dinner provided for attendees!


Discussion Leads:

Lily Bui, MIT DUSP PhD Student, Civic Data Design Lab and Urban Risk Lab

Michael Windle, Center for Transportation and Logistics, Humanitarian Response Lab

We have all experienced disasters in some shape or form, and have certainly heard about their potentially destructive consequences on a community's social fabric, economy, and environment. Ranging from climate events (e.g. floods, hurricanes), earthquakes, infectious disease epidemics, and chemical spills - there exists a broad range of risk factors and hazards. Challenges arise in the assessment, communication, and management of risks - with uncertainties as to the best intervention, tradeoffs between short-and-long term priorities, and pressure from the need for a rapid, coordinated response. Designing tools to aid in the prevention, mitigation, reduction, and response to risks depends heavily on the type of risk, stakeholders involved, and context. 

This raises important science-policy and governance questions, with great societal implications. Furthermore, there are questions as to the best technological and institutional innovations aimed at reducing risks, responding to disasters, and build-back after catastrophes in ways that promote future resilience. This continues to be a relevant discussion, especially with the exacerbating effects of global climate change, as we are often reminded by the increasing frequency and magnitude of disasters.

Additional background reading:

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